Heritage Ceiling Rose Repairs

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At ABR Render, we believe that every structure tells a story, and our mission is to help those stories shine through. As Melbourne's leading heritage rendering and plastering specialists, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique demands of both homeowners and heritage projects.

From the meticulous restoration of heritage-listed homes to collaborative conservation efforts for iconic monuments, our services are designed to preserve, enhance, and celebrate Melbourne's rich architectural legacy. Dive in to discover how we're transforming spaces and reviving history, one plaster at a time.

Heritage Victorian Style Home Reapirs

Heritage Render & Plaster Repairs

Heritage Listed Homes

Owning a home, especially a heritage-listed one, is a testament to history and architectural beauty. At ABR Render, we understand the unique challenges and requirements that come with maintaining such homes. Our specialised services for homeowners are designed to address aesthetic and structural needs, ensuring that your home looks its best and stands the test of time.


  • Breathe new life into your facade with our restoration services.

  • Address structural concerns with our crack render repairs (render only).

  • Enhance aesthetic appeal with decorative render repairs.

  • Traditional repair work for urns & bottles.

  • Restore the charm of traditional cornices.

  • Traditional plastering on internal brickwork for a seamless finish.

  • Benefit from our expertise in reverse moulding.

  • Rejuvenate spaces with re-running traditional cornices.

  • Preserving the beauty of internal ceiling roses.

  • Ensure ceiling safety with the Westox RAP System.

Shrine of Resemblance

Heritage Buildings

Melbourne's rich architectural legacy is evident in its monuments, churches, and historic buildings. These structures tell tales of times gone by and are invaluable to our cultural heritage. At ABR Render, we offer specialized services tailored for heritage projects.


  • Conservation services to protect architectural legacies.

  • Heritage Building Consultation Services

  • Heritage Building Conservation Consultation

  • Collaborate with heritage consultants for specialised projects.

  • Monument restoration to honour historical significance.

  • Facade restoration for a renewed appearance.

  • Specialised services for churches and historic buildings.

Heritage Ceiling Rose Repairs

The Art of Stucco

Stucco Restoration and Repairs

Stucco, a material steeped in history, has long been the choice for those seeking to elevate the aesthetics of a space. This versatile blend of lime, sand, and water transcends mere plastering, offering a canvas for intricate decoration and ornamentation. Throughout the ages, stucco has adorned the walls of grand palaces, historic buildings, and elegant homes, showcasing its ability to transform surfaces into works of art.

Its malleable nature allows craftsmen like Michael to sculpt, mould, and carve, bringing to life designs that range from the classically ornate to the contemporarily minimalist. Beyond its beauty, stucco is a testament to durability and resilience, ensuring that its decorative tales endure for generations. In the hands of a master, stucco becomes more than just plaster; it becomes a story etched in time.