Heritage Home Rendering Repairs


At ABR Render, our passion is intertwined with Melbourne's rich architectural tapestry. Our team is adept at restoring external facades and internal cornices, decorative ceiling roses and archways, with a special emphasis on reverse mouldings and Laththum plastering. Our diverse clientele, ranging from conservationists to homeowners, is a testament to our versatility and commitment to excellence. Join us on a journey through time as we breathe life back into Melbourne's iconic structures.

Conservation & Consulting Specialists

ABR Render is Melbourne's distinguished name in the realm of heritage rendering and plastering, with a particular emphasis on conservation and consulting services for heritage-listed properties. Nestled in the heart of the Metropolitan area, we are deeply committed to preserving and enhancing the city's architectural legacy.

Qualified as conservationists and heritage consultants, we help ensure that every monument, church, and historic building we work on is treated with the utmost care and precision. Whether it's a homeowner seeking to maintain the charm of their heritage home or a larger project aimed at rejuvenating a historic monument, ABR Render stands at the forefront, ensuring that Melbourne's rich architectural tapestry is not just maintained but celebrated.

Plaster Art Work

Michael Dempsey

MA - Conservation Studies

From the bustling workshops of Ireland to the historic streets of York, Michael Dempsey's journey in the world of conservation and restoration is nothing short of inspiring. As a young lad, Michael was always drawn to the technical spectrum. Whether it was working with metal, the precision of lathe and forged works, the artistry of woodworking, or the intricate details of technical drawings, he was in his element.

Seeking to expand his horizons, Michael ventured to England. Here, he immersed himself in understanding the diverse materials and processes essential to his craft. The London City & Guilds Craft and Advanced Craft Certificates testify to his dedication during this phase.

Over the past quarter-century, Michael's passion took him on a transcontinental journey between Australia and the UK. Each trip and project enriched his expertise, culminating in his pursuit of an MA in Conservation of Historic Buildings from York. This wasn't just a degree but a declaration of his commitment to preserving history.

Today, having finally anchored himself in Australia, Michael combines his traditional training and qualifications from Ireland with his vast experience to offer unparalleled services in the realm of conservation. His story isn't just about qualifications but a lifelong love affair with restoration, a journey from passion to mastery.